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Planning RTD & Dissemination Tasks

When to plan a task All tasks start as Status ‘Not Started’. When you have enough information to understand what the task will involve, you should plan the task. Typically, this will happen, either: when a consortium meeting clarifies the nature of the task and the responsibility of the partners, or when you as a […]

KIC’s Software Stack

KIC’s software stack includes the following software / applications: Software Purpose Available for Where to access Teamlogger Log your daily hours – clocking in and clocking out Windows Mac Web https://www.teamlogger.com/ Synology-Cloud Share Files within the company Windows Mac Web Android iPhone https://oblacek.knowledgeinnovation.eu/drive(Desktop apps can be downloaded from this page) Synology-Chat Chat within the company […]

Everis Dev Environment

Initial Install You will need to install the following components to access the Dev Environment: NexU Install the NexU Package from this address:https://github.com/nowina-solutions/nexu/releases/download/nexu-1.22/nexu-bundle-1.22.zip If you do not have Java installed, install here: https://www.java.com/en/download/ Synology VPN Install the Synology VPN Client from this address:https://global.download.synology.com/download/Tools/VPNPlusClient/1.3.6-0454/Windows/x86_64/Synology%20SSL%20VPN%20Client-1.3.6-0454_X64.msi A Signing Key Install a signing key from this address:https://oblacek.knowledgeinnovation.eu:8888/sharing/DmQdZr8Tu Once the […]