The following rules apply when travelling for KIC:

  1. Always act in conformance with the mandate you have received for the meeting.
  2. Any agenda points that involve the company should be prepared as a powerpoint presentation and submitted to management as per the relevant SOP.
  3. You represent KIC as a company. Take responsibility for success and mistakes of the company, even if they are not your own. Make commitments and take decisions expected from a representative of the company – if you are not sure, contact a manager during the meeting,  and report back during not after the meeting.
  4. Keep your attention on the meeting during the meeting – do not use this time to catch up on other work, or to take care of personal tasks on your laptop, except during breaks.
  5. Participate Actively and be ambitious – always push the partners to get the project to reach its full potential.
  6. Partner Dinners are mandatory affairs since this is where most networking takes place. Missing a partner dinner requires authorisation from management.
Financial Rules
Important: Failure to meet any of these rules may result in you not being reimbursed, or the company deducting the cost of travel from your wage.
  1. All expenses must be evidenced by receipts. There are no exceptions to this rule
  2. Boarding passes or other relevant proof of travel must be provided for all trips and uploaded to the reimbursement claim. there are no exceptions to this rule.
  3. A reimbursement claim via Expensify must be submitted for every trip, unless otherwise instructed, even if you have no personally reimbursable costs.
  4. All trips should be booked as soon as the dates of the meeting are announced, but in all cases a minimum of 12 weeks before.
  5. All travel which can be booked in advance should be booked through TravelPerk.
  6. Management authorisation is required before starting to book any trip. Such authorisation should be obtained by creating and prepping the meeting in Zoho as per the SOP.
  7. KIC will cover your travel days plus the days of the meeting. All efforts should be made to arrive on the meeting day, and leave on the last day of the meeting where possible. KIC will allow you to extend your own trip at your own cost.
  8. These are our indicative budgets for travel. Try and keep your costs within these guidelines:
    1. €300 for flights, trains etc. and airport transfers.
    2. €80/night for accommodation.
    3. €75 day (average) for all other costs (food and local transport). Costs higher than this must be authorised or justified (example of reasonable justifications: taxi very early in the morning; partner dinner at expensive restaurant selected by host
  9. If there is a problem with your booking during travel, contact TravelPerk immediately. They can usually help. If something urgent happens, feel free to call management even at weird hours if there is an emergency.

Other Considerations

  1. Seeing Europe is part of the fun of this job. Enjoy yourself. You may extend travel for sightseeing any time you like, and still use the TravelPerk booking tools. We will just bill your contribution separately.
  2. If you need to travel with your child we will do everything reasonably possible to accommodate the request.
  3. If you are feeling sick, DO NOT TRAVEL. If you are sick a week before a trip, notify management that you might not be able to go, so that we can find a replacement.