The project review meeting is KIC’s main way of  tracking  our progress on projects, and preparing our work. The meetings are important internal deliverables and should be prepared properly. Management will take decisions about the progress/future of projects based on what happens at these meetings. Meetings are intended to cover both the content as well as the management of projects.

Preparing for a Project Review Meeting

You are advised to start preparing for a project meeting at least 1 week in advance. During this time you should:

  • update all tasks which are on Zoho – make sure that:
    • the status of all tasks is accurate, in particular that tasks which should be closed have been
    • any new tasks which will be discussed at the meeting have been added
    • the dates for the project milestones have bee updated to match the actual project timings
  • read the minutes of project meetings, and any relevant e-mails from the lists – make sure that you have updated yourself on the precise status of the project overall
  • if any tasks are blocked because of lack of response by partners, put extra effort into unblocking them.
  • check your own task lists, as well as the presentation you gave at the last project review. Make sure that all your tasks have been completed, or that where tasks have not been you have an adequate recovery strategy to present.

Agenda of a Project Review Meeting

All project review meetings will have a similar agenda. They must be accompanied by a slide deck. Here are the items which should be covered (delete as necessary). You can check presentation example here: Project Status Report.

Agenda ItemItems to be DiscussedEvidence/Forms to be presented
Overall Project Status30s – 1m status report of your assessment of (a) where the project is in terms of management, (b) potential impact of the project, and (c) quality of the results Summarise in 1 slide
Main Achievements (Consortium)What are the main achievements of the consortium in the last period?
Have any deliverables/outputs/activities been released?
Please present them if they have.
How are we ensuring impact of these deliverables, as KIC and as a consortium?
If a major output has been released, please prepare a 5 minute presentation/slidedeck/walkthrough of the output as apporpriate.

Include 1 slide on Impact.

Main Achievements (KIC)What have we done & achieved in the last period?Slide of Activities done in ‘task style’.

Detailed 5 minute presentation of individual outputs you have produced with resentation/slidedeck/walkthrough as appropriate.

Next Steps (Consortium)What is the main focus of the project in the next few months? What specific (a) R&D, and (b)dissemination/impact activities, and (c) management activities will be done?1 slide with activities
Next Steps (KIC)What doe WE need to do in the next few months? What specific (a) R&D, and (b)dissemination/impact activities, and (c) management activities will be done?1 slide with table of tasks – each task must contain Zoho reference
Project AdminUpdates on Project Admin:
– have there been any budget changes?
– do we need to make any changes to the forecast daily staff allocations?
– are all travel reimbursements, invoices and other financial documents complete and in the 3_Finances folder?
– any other admin/reporting we need to take care of?
1 slide
Resources & Support RequiredHow can either KIC staff assist on the project?
Do you need approval for purchases, travel or other items?
Do you need tools installed, services provisioned or other support?
1 slide
Communication, Dissemination & Impact OpportunitiesPresent plan on how to disseminate project results/maximise impact in the coming months. Consider journal articles, web articles, social media, conferences, webinars and any other dissemination/impact possibilities.1 slide with proposed dissemination/impact activities and dates
Major Upcoming Dates & DeadlinesAny upcoming:
– project meetings and/or events
– deliverables being released
– consultations/quesionnaires etc being release
– admin deadlines
1 slide
Opportunities & SynergiesOpen Discussion:
– What can we contribute to the project to make it better?
– Can we create synergies with other ongoing projects?
– Can we create new business, project or partnership opportunities out of what is running?

What needs to happen to take advantage of these opportunities?

1 slide with some ideas if necessary
RisksWhat are the risks to (a) KIC, (b) the Consortium as a whole which are currently in place?Please provide table with
a) Risk
b) Severity: How devastating is the risk? High/Medium/Low
c) Likelihood: High/Medium/Low
d) Proposed Mitigation: How can we
Company EvaluationWhat would partners say we did great on this project? What would partners say we can improve? How are our relations on the project?What did KIC do great on this project?
What did KIC do I do ‘meh’ on this project?
What can KIC do I improve on this project?
Self-EvaluationWhat did I do great on this project?
What did I do ‘meh’ on this project?
What can I improve on this project?
1 slide
Your RecommendationsAnything you want to tell me?