KIC’s Software Stack

KIC’s software stack includes the following software / applications:

Software Purpose Available for Where to access
Teamlogger Log your daily hours – clocking in and clocking out
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web
Synology-Cloud Share Files within the company
(Desktop apps can be downloaded from this page)
Synology-Chat Chat within the company
(Desktop apps can be downloaded from this page)
Zoho Projects Management of Tasks
Expensify Reporting and Managing Time
Zoom Video Conferencing
(Desktop apps can be downloaded from this page)
Graphlite Flow Chart
  • Windows
(Register your software with username: and password: XmOByhzJ)
Issuing open badges and digital certificates
  • Web
(Login by providing username: and password X7cwGDc5sT5h)

Everis Dev Environment

Initial Install

You will need to install the following components to access the Dev Environment:


Install the NexU Package from this address:

If you do not have Java installed, install here:

Synology VPN

Install the Synology VPN Client from this address:

A Signing Key

Install a signing key from this address:

Once the file is downloaded, double click the file and install into your keystore.

Accessing the Dev Environment

Connecting to the VPN

Log on to:

Username: ildiko
Pass: $Y4!T@9!Quys

Click Connect:

Accessing the Dev Environment

Important: To access any of the links below, you must have the Synology VPN running. You should not close the Synology VPN tab, and access these links in another tab.


Note: NexU must be running (by double-clicking on NexU-Startup in its respective folder) for this to work.


Wallet:  (Wallet has no front so do not try access it in a browser 😉 )